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Enam Gbewonyo

Brief info

Enam Gbewonyo se consacre à l’art textile et à la performance. Elle a fondé à Londres le collectif BBFA, une plateforme qui accompagne et rend visibles des artistes afro-descendantes. Sa pratique porte sur l’identité, la féminité et mobilise le potentiel thérapeutique de l’art.

Enam Gbewonyo is a textile and performance artist, curator as well as the founder of the Black British Female Artist (BBFA) Collective - a platform that supports emerging black women artists build sustainable careers and advocates inclusivity in the British arts landscape. Her practice investigates identity, womanhood, and humanity while also advocating the healing benefits of craft. Her performance work seeks to deliver the collective consciousness to a positive place of awareness by creating live spaces of healing. By using craft as her portal she pushes us to face the truth of a dark past and the emotions it brings forth. Thus bringing us to a point of spiritual awareness both of self and humanity.

Vidéo Adama

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