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The 21st Century is marked by the digital technology revolution and the African renaissance. This is supported by a demographic boom, an artistic production that has increased considerably thanks to technology and many challenges that MOCA 2021 wants to explore through 4 large panels, in talk and keynote:

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Africa for future: Imagine the future from an African perspective.

Using digital technologies to preserve culture and yet, creating opportunities for a domestic and global market.

Video games, animated films, AI, how can Creative Industries be a path into the future for Africa and its diasporas?

Digital platforms, Artificial Intelligence, big data, contribution of digital to the processes of creation, production, distribution and dissemination.

Facing an increasingly growing demand, what kind of strategies are media and streaming services.

Intellectual property in a digitized world, how Rights Collection organizations align, given the changes.

What investments in CCIs will help securing a sustainable cultural production and offer outlets for young people?

Entrepreneurship in culture: what opportunities for women empowerment?

Visual arts, as tools for raising the awareness of the challenges of sustainable development and environment.

Africa, Europe and the Americas, a time to rethink a new cultural cooperation.

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